The Benefits of Video on Your Website

A professionally-filmed video on your website can help boost your traffic, increase your conversion rate and engage your audience so that they spend longer on your site. Reading on a screen is not easy, and website users are often very task-focussed on the web which means that they don’t read your beautifully crafted content, or product descriptions. Having a video to describe what you do, or the features of your products, can be really beneficial as you can convey your message in a memorable and digestible format.

5 Great Reasons to use Video on your Website:

1. Engagement
Having video on your website makes the experience more dynamic and interactive. It engages your audience and encourages them to stay on your website for longer. Video captivates your audience which make them sit and listen.

2. Search Engine Optimisation
Videos can drive traffic to your website and increase your search engine ranking. As there are fewer videos on the web than pages of content, you are much more likely to rank well for a video with relevant keywords in the title than you are for a basic page on your site.

3. Film your event
Show off a successful event or conference by getting a professionally-filmed video. You could even sell the video to people who couldn’t make it to the conference which will give you an additional revenue stream.

4. Show off your Products
You can use video to demonstrate your products to potential clients. Shoppers miss being able to touch and feel a product when they shop online. So the more information you give them, the higher your conversion rate will be. You need to remove their doubts and concerns and get them excited about what the product has to offer.

5. Help your clients feel like they know you
Business is about personal relationships and if you can help your website visitors get to know you, and trust you, then they are more likely to want to buy from you. Having a video on your website also makes you much more memorable, so if you then later meet them in person, it can create a conversation-starter.

Video is a powerful tool which, when employed well, can maximise your website’s ability to make sales and raise your profile.

This is a guest blog by Indigo Plum, based in St Albans, who provide video for events and conferences and professional videographers to Hertfordshire and London.