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Introducing Melu – managed live chat

You may have noticed live chat has appeared on our website recently? We’ve been using Melu for a while now and we feel it’s really going to help us drive our business forward online, through better visitor engagement and lead generation.

Turn more of your website visitors into clients through the power of managed live chat from Melu.

  • Try Free for 30 Days
  • Cost Effective with No Contracts!
  • Professionally Trained Human Operators from 8am to 10pm

‘Managed’ means Melu does everything for you – they provide the live chat software for your website that can be installed in seconds, but most importantly they monitor it from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday with their own highly trained live chat operators.

Think of Melu as your online reception – they answer your visitors within seconds, help them with their requirements and ultimately take their details and pass them to you as a warm lead.

Live Chat is not just a great way to engage with visitors to generate leads – it also raises your company profile and brand, showing potential clients that you care about their journey through your website.

We’d highly recommend that you give it a try – it’s free for 30 days after all!

Then pay just £79.20 (20% discount) for your first paying month if you decide to continue using Melu!

Cost per month after offer –  £99 + VAT

Try Melu for 30 days