You’re too early

This virtual event is not live yet – please check back here at the time of the event to join

  1. Use a desktop or laptop computer – It does work on Tablets and Phones but usability is limited. 
  2. The Platform performs best on Google Chrome Browser
  3. Sign in with the same email address you booked and paid for your ticket with
  4. Once in the room if you are having any technical issues please make use of the help button on the bottom left of the page, they are great with technical support 
  5. If you are new to Business Buzz, during the session please visit the Reception Area and one of our team will be there to greet you who will also be able to make connections or introductions that might be useful for you and your business.
  6. Try to be in a noise free environment, microphones pick up background noise and this can be distracting to you and others in the room making it difficult to hear. Headphones may help with this.
  7. Move around the room regularly, at Business Buzz we have the 321 Networking Guideline;
    During the meeting connect with at least three new people you have never met before.
    Between now and the next session arrange two 1:1 meetings to get to know each other better
    Next month invite one guest – our community is only as good as the great businesses we have in our room. Become part of the Buzz network and share our events with others.
  8. Lastly, remember to Smile! We hope you enjoy the experience, our events are informal, friendly and fun!
If you need further support with how to get the best out of networking for your business why not book onto one of our training sessions, please email for more information.