Virtual Buzz VIP Launch

You have arrived at the right link, but just a little early – please do read the information below, and come back here again just before the event starts.

Ahead of Wednesday here are just a reminder of a few things you need to know to ensure you get the BEST experience:


  • Use a desktop or laptop computer – It does work on tablets and phones but usability is limited.
  • The platform performs best on Google Chrome Browser
  • Once in the room if you are having any technical issues please make use of the help button on the bottom left of the page, there is great technical support
  • Try to be in a noise-free environment, microphones pick up background noise and this can be distracting to you and others in the room making it difficult to hear. Headphones may help with this.
  • Lastly, remember to Smile! We hope you enjoy the experience, our events are informal, friendly and fun!

See you there!

Simon and Katrina
Founders of Business Buzz

Business Buzz – The Story so far

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic we have successfully maintained engagement with our Business Buzz community in our towns through monthly twitter chats and at a regional level running Virtual Speed Networking events.

We feel now is the right time to put a more long term solution in place.
Our new virtual platform will allow our established local communities the opportunity to get back in the flow of our regular networking events that they have come to know and love.

Feedback from our activities so far have resulted in a strong sense that many businesses still want that local focus when making and growing their connections and a place where they can keep in touch and nurture relationships that have already been established within the Buzz community.

Over the last 8 weeks or so we have seen how important it is for Businesses to stay visible, we believe Business Buzz will play a vital role in helping our local economy recover by facilitating an opportunity for businesses to gain local knowledge through conversations to help identify where they can be proactive to positively impact their community.

Business Buzz at its core is all about supporting one another, sharing knowledge for the greater good; an inclusive space where business can grow and thrive tapping into a wide range of expertise on all aspects of business within a community made up of businesses large and small, charities and relevant representatives from local government and support organisations.  It is a place where collaboration is encouraged, skills can be swapped, introductions made, and referrals are organic and genuine.

Our fully trained Hosts and Ambassadors are made up of professional business owners in their own right who are established networkers and well connected at a local level, our sponsors all have a vested interest in the towns.     

Be part of the ‘new age’ of networking; cost and time effective and safe for all.

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