Top 10 Tips to Boost your BUZZ Networking with Social Media

  1. Have your social media links on your business cards. Make it easy for people to find and connect to you after the event.
  2. Ask people you meet if they are on social media and ask for their usernames etc. If they don’t have their usernames on their business card, make a note of them to make it easier to connect.
  3. As soon as you can, connect to all those you have met on LinkedIn. Make sure you personalise the invitation so they remember where they met you!
  4. When connected, tag your connections with the group where you met so it is easy to refer back and see where you rst met them!
  5. Follow people and businesses on Twitter. You can also create list for all the people you meet at BUZZ to make it easy to nd them again!
  6. Mention people you have met in a tweet! It is nice to receive a tweet after the event, something as simple as “great to meet @katrinasargent and @simongeorge at @bizbuzzherts this morning” or send them a link to something relevant to your discussions.
  7. Re-Tweet content they send out. This shows you are engaged and actively listening to what they are saying.
  8. Tweet and send updates about events you are attending. This helps people to know where to re-connect with you face to face.
  9. Regularly check through your connections and see who you haven’t seen face to face for a while (or ever!) and invite them along to the next event – it’s a win/win for everyone!
  10. Most importantly treat your online networking the same way you treat your face to face networking. Don’t sell, listen more than you speak and be yourself!