How Online Companies are using Social Media to Raise their Profile

Well we’ve all heard it a million times before, but there’s still no denying the fact that the e-commerce world is fast reaching saturation point. If you want it, then (unless it’s a 3 headed, space rocket piloting, elephant robot!) you will probably be able to buy it online (although I do now totally want one of those…wait a minute…eBay!). So as an online company, how can you raise your profile and thus attract more business than your myriad of competitors?

Many online companies are now focusing much of their online marketing efforts into creating a great brand and presence on social media platforms. Social media is a large part of many people’s lives, and checking your Facebook and Twitter feeds (especially for a the Smart Phone generation) is more of a habit than a purposeful thought, and so getting your company or business onto your client’s social media radar can be an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Victoria Scott is from online mastectomy swimwear retailer Caleya. She shows us that there are a number of factors that can be important to consider when using social media to raise the profile of your online business:

Make it social
It may sound simple, but the main point of social media is that it is a social medium. Facebook, Twitter and You Tube are essentially designed for sharing, and so you need to ensure that whatever you are doing, people will want to share it amongst their network. Remember that a constant stream of information about different types of printing cartridges will most likely send your clients straight to ‘Defriendsville’, but some well chosen information about saving money on your printing costs or the latest print trends, along with a few fun posts, are much more likely to get shared and will make those special offer and new products posts much more appealingly viral.

Interact with your customers
Rather than being a looming presence that simply sends out a stream of one-sided information, one way to really raise your profile is to actually interact with your customer base. Social media is a dynamic platform that is designed to let people talk, share and explore. So this is something that you need to ensure that your business is part of. For example, if your company builds bespoke joinery, post pictures of how the pieces are developing through each stage of construction, so that your clients can share these with friends and family, and also give you feedback. Or if your business is involved in problem solving, then encourage customers to send in pictures of problem issues that your company can address.

Make it a Like-Like realationship
The Facebook ‘Like’ button is your businesses social media best friend. One ‘Like’ is worth a hundred anonymous testimonials, and can spread through news feeds like the proverbial crazy combustible! People trust their friends and so a ‘Like’ can be tantamount to a personal recommendation. Consider encouraging your audience to hit that magic button with ‘Fan’s Only’ content or special offers.

There are a number ways that you can creatively use social media to raise your online companies profile, but the point to take away is to be creative and to be truly social with your strategy.

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