How to Find your Perfect Job in 2013

We go to work 8 hours per day (at least), 40 hours a week, 1880 hours a year. That makes a whopping 75,200 hours in a lifetime. So whatever career you choose, it has got to be enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding. You don’t want to spend your whole life waiting for the weekend, and then waiting for retirement.

Don’t be put off if your perfect job is really unusual, or seemingly unattainable. What might seem impossible (lego artist anyone?) can come true with the right attitude, skills and contacts.

Move Forward
You don’t need to beat yourself up if you trained for years to do what you believed would be your dream job, only to discover that it wasn’t to be. Talking to people in the industry can be the best way to discover what a job actually entails. Maybe you wanted to be an architect, but only after a few years in the job did you realise that architecture is less about designing houses and more about managing expectations, problem solving and project management.

Analyse your transferable skills
If you’ve trained as an architect there are plenty of doors that could open with those skills. You could start by looking at jobs in the construction industry, as changing career in the same industry will be much easier than starting afresh in a completely different one.

What job environment suits you?
Have a think about the sort of environment that you want to work in. This will be even more important to your happiness than the job itself. With a supportive team around you, any job could be more enjoyable. You can do this by thinking about when you were happiest. What were you doing and who were you with? Try to establish if you are happy working in an office environment, or would rather work in the open air.

Research your dream job
Find people who are doing the job that you want to do and see if you can get in touch with them. Not only will contacts in the industry be vitally important, but talking to someone who lives your dream every day will help you to understand what it actually involves. Business networking is the best way to build up your network of contacts. Don’t be afraid to ask for an introduction to someone specific – this can often be the most effective way to reach your target.

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