Getting ready for online networking – hints and tips from Buzz

With the Spring National Virtual Buzz coming up on 30th March (visit the app to book your place) the Regional Leads and HQ Buzz team have put together some handy hints to help you be fully Remo-ready for the event. Read through and let us know what you think!

Katrina Sargent – Buzz HQ

Using a headset will help to keep external noise to a minimum making it easier to participate in the conversations at the event

Jane Tyson – Surrey

Try to use a light that shines on your face so you aren’t in the dark. A table lamp is better than nothing. I often plug in a “ring tripod light”

Leigh Frost – Beds, Bucks & Cambs

Remember that Buzz meetings on Remo are just like a normal conversation; you don’t have to wait your turn to talk. Relax and engage with people on a personal level.

Also, move around the room a few times and join new tables.

James Brodie – Northants & Warcs

Visit the Buzz Discovery Room prior to the actual day of our virtual event. The brilliant team at Buzz HQ will make sure you are Remo-ready for the day.

Lisa-Jane Grey – Oxfordshire

Make sure your LinkedIn is linked to your Remo profile prior to the virtual event.

Also make sure you have your LinkedIn link, your contact details and any other relevant links you might like to share with new connections to hand, typed or copied onto a document or sticky note on your desktop so that you are ready to copy and paste them into chat boxes during conversation online.

Emma Smith – Leicestershire

Run the Remo test to check your kit before the event

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