Aylesbury Buzz Networking

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Business Buzz Aylesbury is a fresh vibe in business networking.
This face-to-face drop-in session is a great way to catch up with the local business community in Buckinghamshire.
There’s no membership, no pre-booking required, just £6 payable on our app in advance, or at the event.

Meeting every 4th Wednesday of each month between 10am-12pm.

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MIYA Japanese Restaurant

23B Walton Street, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 1TZ


Sally Courtney

‘Sally Elizabeth’ was founded to help redress balance in life. I strongly believe that we all have a right to be happy & healthy. My concept has being evolving over the last three years and now proudly has three strong strands, which can blend or overlap into each other depending on what areas my clients want to focus on to improve mental or physical wellness. Sally Elizabeth………………. Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy Walking Health

Visit the Sally Elizabeth website

Sally says “Networking a great way to make new contacts, and with BusinessBuzz it is so enjoyable !!!”

Contact Sally Courtney at aylesbury@business-buzz.org


Amanda Heritage

from Amanda Heritage Digital Solutions.

If you’re looking to grow or enhance your brand, I am definitely the person that can help.
With a specialism in social media; training, content management, strategy, profile creation, content creation or kick off, and insights
Social Media is free, and when managed correctly, delivers great results for brands.
I also offer email marketing solutions where I will create standout content that your audience will want to engage with.

Connect with Amanda on LinkedIn

Amanda Heritage says “Meeting people who want to help others as well as offer great business solutions.”


Stuart Holcroft

from Fearless Putting Ltd.

Imagine being able to reduce pain, have better balance and co-ordination, have improved stamina and a better memory recall just by wearing a piece of safe, effective and instant technology. Is it possible? My technology has no (negative) side effects and allow every brain to achieve homeostasis (balance), allowing the brain to perform optimally to deal with many issues. Now, who do you know that would benefit from a calm brain? Unleashing better versions of people

Stuart Holcroft says “As professional as any other networking format, with more in-depth conversation.”

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Looking for more visibility for your company with a fantastic local business community? Talk to us about sponsoring this Business Buzz.


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