Top Tips for Networking

Do you know our 321 principle? If you have been to one of our events before you may have heard our Hosts talking about it but how many of you actually apply these simple steps to your networking activities on a regular basis?

Here we share them and the reasons why they are so effective as part of a networking strategy for any business.

3 – Whilst you are at an event make sure you speak to at least three new people you haven’t met before.

At a networking event it is very easy to naturally gravitate to people you already know, building relationships is a very important part of networking but it is equally valuable to meet new people to grow your network.
Keeping to this rule of 3 will remind you to do this. It also gives people new to Buzz a great experience, so they will hopefully become a regular face in the Buzz room.

2 – Between now and the next meeting make sure you have at least two 121’s. 

Think of the Buzz event as a place for introductions, if you have synergy with the attendees a 121 will be the place where the networking magic really happens.  We will be sharing tips on how to make the most of 121s in a later blog but essentially this gives you a great opportunity to get to know one another better and the opportunity to explore how you can help each other.  It’s worth mentioning here that some of the greatest connections you will make in your business might not be so obvious at first glance, and it’s through the more in depth conversations that it will appear.  

1 – Bring along a guest next time.

Our events are only as good as the people in the room, if you know other local businesses why not invite them along to help them meet new people? Because we don’t have a membership and our events are low cost it is important that we all play our part in getting the room Buzzing with opportunity for all, it is a win-win! 

If everyone committed to doing this we would double the opportunity in the room next month; Someone else’s visitor just might be your next best connection. 

Making a commitment to your networking through Buzz

Everyone loves the relaxed and informal atmosphere created in our Buzz rooms, but in order to make it a really valuable networking experience for your business you need to make that commitment to coming along regularly and take the opportunity on offer seriously.  

Dipping in and out of an event will not keep you and your business in people’s minds, it will not allow other networkers to build a relationship with you, get to know you to the point that they feel comfortable introducing you to others who may need the products or services you can provide.

These things take time: 

  • Prioritise your local monthly Buzz event
  • Follow the 321 Principle 
  • Become the proactive connector in the room that you would need as a guest
  • Always keep an open mind

For more tips on how to make Business Buzz the best networking event in your diary, why not arrange to have a 121 with your local host.

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