Power-Up Your Networking Oxfordshire

Networking know-how; for beginners, experts & everything in between.
Are you new to networking, or do you have heaps of networking experience under your belt? Whether you’re a networking novice or a seasoned pro, there is always more networking know-how to learn!

This workshop is for anyone who would like to improve their networking capability. Whatever your current skills & experience, this workshop will allow you to develop your networking ability. If you’re new to networking, you will become a good networker. If you’re already a good networker, you’ll become a great networker.

This accessible, friendly & inclusive session will equip you with practical tools to apply to your next networking session. We’ll learn how to develop a robust networking plan, pinpointing exactly why you’re networking & setting clear objectives. We’ll discover who you want to meet, & we’ll identify strategies to facilitate this.

We’ll set you on the path to building meaningful, lasting business relationships.

During this session we will cover:

• Having a networking plan
• Identifying you desired outcomes
• Being memorable for the right reasons
• Walking through the door & starting conversations
• The best way to talk about you
• How to move around the room
• In the networking room
• How to follow-up

Do you need to demonstrate continuous personal development (CPD)?
When attending a Business Buzz Workshop, you will receive a personalised certificate of completion that proves you have undertaking this learning & that you have increased your knowledge, understanding & experiences connected with networking & marketing.

For more information email me on warwickshire@business-buzz.org or call me on 07770 876 300.

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James Brodie

Who Is James Brodie?

Experienced networker & Business Buzz Regional Lead.

James is both a super-connector & professional networker where being a Regional Lead for the popular Business Buzz brand of networking is placed firmly at the heart of what he does.

“if you had told me when I set my business up that I would become a professional networker then I probably would have laughed at you” says James. I am lucky because I am an intuitive networker, but that isn’t always the case for most of us. However, for small business owners networking is both a strategic & cost-effective marketing approach. How do you make the most of the opportuni8ty?

James continues “I wished that on my road to success I had been able to easily access the skills to become a proficient networker more quickly. Networking is a skill that has to be mastered & this takes takes time & experience”.

Let’s put this in perspective; you don’t go to the gym where on day one bench press your own weight. What happens is you receive an induction to give you basic skills & from there you become more confident gradually progress to achieve your goals. Even as a regular gym goer most us seek advice & support when moving to new equipment or get someone to spot for you as you use new weights.

Why should business networking be any different? Every day is a school day when it comes to networking. Whether are new to the networking scene or having at it for a while. James is on hand to share his knowledge & expertise. He will help you build your confidence to be better at networking or he will help you re-affirm that have adopted the right approach. Take advantage from his tips, tricks & hacks to being the best business networker that you can & to see the reward for all your hard work.

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Looking for more visibility for your company with a fantastic local business community? Talk to us about sponsoring this Business Buzz.

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